28: Ohio


Do you love dogs and are looking for a way to keep your donations close to Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan? Consider donating to Dogworks, Inc.
Dogworks is an all-volunteer, nonprofit group based in Toledo, OH, whose purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abandoned, neglected, and unwanted dogs. After rescuing a dog, we provide medical, social, and emotional rehabilitation while each dog lives in a foster home. Once a dog is rehabilitated, we actively search for a family to be his forever home.

Humans and Horses Healing Together

They meet as Comrades in Arms. Veterans and horses, both wounded by life, gather monthly in small groups in a Medina, OH barn to share and heal. Among them is John, 74, of Brunswick, a Vietnam Army vet whose days emptied with the death of his wife four years ago. On the barn’s hoof-packed dirt these encounters play out over and over as participants work to reckon with combat-related trauma-PTSD, anger, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship challenges and other issues.

Legal Aid Helps Mr. Gibbons Achieve Financial Stability

Warren Gibbons,* a 68-year-old Army Veteran, cherished his relationship with Megan, a special child in his life. When Megan’s parents and grandmother could no longer care for her because of their substance abuse disorders, Mr. Gibbons readily stepped up to become a kinship caregiver. Although Mr. Gibbons was eager to take Megan in and was awarded legal custody, he lacked sufficient financial resources to provide for her.