23: Peachbelt

Where Home and Hope Begin Again

Genesis Joy House (CFC # 86450) started when a local military spouse in Warner Robins, GA recognized that there was a growing population of homelessness within the female veteran community in the Southeast region of the country. Committed to being a source for change, Margaret Flowers, began to help by linking homeless female veterans up with food, clothing, shelter, and other resources to support their needs.

CASA Volunteer Instrumental in Young Guatemalan Child Being Reunited with Her Mother

Moving to the U.S. with her father, Maria was a three-year old from Guatemala who was taken into foster care due to allegations of neglect by her father. CASA volunteer Mary was assigned to advocate for Maria’s best interests and worked alongside the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS), attempting to reunite Maria with her mother, who resided in a remote village in Guatemala. Even though Mary was uncertain at times whether Maria should leave a safe and secure life in the U.S.

Helping pets in the community

LifeLine's Pets for Life Community Outreach team is always out in the neighborhood, going door to door to meet people and their pets. Our outreach helps us to not only meet new people, but also to reconnect with clients and pets we might not have seen in awhile. Pets like adorable Yuri, who is your stereotypical wiggly pittie, and is always happy to greet you with a smile and a lick on the face. Yuri's owner was excited to see us, as he had lost our contact information. Now he can reach out to us anytime if he needs anything for Yuri!

It’s Time for Georgia to Pass a Law to Compensate the Wrongfully Convicted

Many people think that the nightmare of wrongful conviction ends when an innocent person is able to walk out of prison. But, for exonerees, freedom is just the start of another difficult journey. With no money, housing, or healthcare, and a criminal record that is often not cleared despite innocence, exonerees face major barriers upon release. Financial support for exonerees is crucial so that they can rebuild the lives they were unjustly deprived of, often for decades.