11: Northern Lights

Brea and Gregg: Love at First Sight

The concept of “love at first sight” is a cliché often reserved for fairy tales and overly sentimental romantic comedies, not real life. But for Brea and Gregg, nothing could be truer. Brea’s father, Cedar, still recalls the first time they set eyes on Gregg, during a meet-and-match session early last summer at Can Do Canine’s headquarters.

“We went in to meet a couple of dogs and Gregg immediately began responding to Brea’s communication device giving commands,” he marvels. “It was really cool to see. He was completely engaged with her and she with him.”

Meet Naomi, Wyatt & Sonja

Naomi is a 24-year-old mom to two beautiful children, a daughter, a friend and a member of our community. Naomi struggled with addiction which led to spending time in jail and losing custody of her son Wyatt. After her release, Naomi struggled with homelessness for several years – living in shelters and in what seemed like a never-ending cycle. While homeless she gave birth to her second child, a daughter Sonja. Shortly afterward, she also lost custody of her daughter. The barriers and hurdles seemed impossible to overcome.

Developing Youth Leadership

Developing youth leadership takes many shapes and forms, Troop 144 in Somerset engages its youth by asking them to plan, organize and lead a trip. The youth are led by Eagle Scouts and older boys. They are asked to help plan the trip, raise money to help plan the trip and engage the younger Scouts in preparing for the exciting and challenging opportunities that will present themselves.

Ending Hunger Together

Hunger throughout our region is quickly on the rise as COVID-19 continues to batter the economy. “Some of our agency partners have seen two to three times as many families needing support,” says April Rog, Director of Food Rescue at Second Harvest Heartland.

Rose's Story

“One morning my 16-year-old son woke me up because all of our electricity had been shut off because I couldn’t pay the bill. As his mom, I was embarrassed and worried. My Career Coach, Ashley, was able to help. As a mom just wanting to provide for her kids, I can’t tell you how much that means to me.” - Rose