Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

Training Police Officers to Safely Respond to Psychiatric Emergencies

In the early 1970s, two former state hospital patients died by suicide in the county prison because there was no place to take them. Some place was needed to provide evaluation and treatment to avoid criminal justice system involvement for behavior related to serious mental illness. Montgomery County Emergency Service was started to be that place, but first police officers had to be able to recognize signs of possible mental illness and be able to help in a way that was safe for the person in crisis and for them.

Zeke’s Story

Every child deserves to dream.
But when faced with the unimaginable, simply hoping for a better tomorrow can feel impossible. That was how it was for Zeke as he navigated challenging situations as a child. After facing hardship, Zeke found a loving family, one that wanted to support him and help him heal after the difficulties he’d faced.

From US Marine to Homelessness to Helping Others

Recovery is possible! Meet Barry. He is a former United States Marine. As a result of a drug and alcohol addiction issue after the service, he became homeless. In fact, he was homeless for 28 years. Due to his addiction, he got in trouble with the law and was facing a jail sentence of up to 30 years. He was 48. Thankfully the judge sent him to an addiction treatment program instead.