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Dimitri needed a bone marrow transplant - DSF was able to offset the cost

On December 10, 2020, 10 year old Dimitri was unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare condition called Aplastic Anemia, which causes unexplained hemorrhaging and bruising beneath the skin that requires significant and costly treatment. It is a rare, life-threatening but treatable condition (90% success rate). Dimitri, the son of a highly respected senior guard (LGF) working with the US Embassy in the country of Georgia near Russia, needed daily blood transfusions as the family search for a compatible bone marrow donor.

Baghdad's "Street Lawyers" defend Hassan* and other at-risk kids

Hassan* (16) was picked up by police after breaking into a car and stealing money. He faced the prospect in court of a harsh two-year prison sentence. But Hassan was not facing this alone. No, a Street Lawyer - provided free of cost by donors like you - stepped in. You see, teenage Hassan was the family breadwinner, trying to support a desperately poor, blind mother as well as his little 10 year old sister. When he was picked up, the family had not eaten in two days. The Street Lawyer worked with Hassan in advance of the court hearing.

Creating Connections through Peer Tutoring: Shree’s Changemaker Story

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Santiago High School abruptly transitioned to online learning. In the subsequent days, schools throughout the country and world followed suit. As she began online classes, junior Shree Reddy recognized a problem – and an opportunity. After talking to her friends, meeting parents who were struggling to teach their kids, and experiencing the challenges of online learning first-hand, Shree realized that there was a widespread need for personalized academic support.

From a government shutdown to the COVID-19 crisis — a mission to serve.

In the early ’90s, Chef José Andrés moved to Washington, D.C. to lead the kitchen at a local tapas restaurant. Despite long workdays, Andrés spent much of his spare time volunteering at DC Central Kitchen, an organization that provides culinary job training and placement for the unemployed as well as thousands of meals per day. It was during one of his shifts at the community kitchen that Andrés met President Clinton.