Myiah's CodeCrew Testimonial

Dear CFC,

I’m Myiah Moore and I want to tell you about a life changing program. CodeCrew is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to train and empower underrepresented communities to be tech innovators and leaders through practical, hands-on computer science training. CodeCrew believes that by introducing basic programming concepts and computational thinking skills to
students at a young age, they will learn valuable knowledge and gain skill sets to be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

Summer Camp Reading Initiative Pilot

Our collaboration with YTL (Youth Transformed for Life) was
initiated through conversations over the past six or seven months
about how to reach more grade school students of color. Making
those connections through the regular school year had its own set
of challenges. Knowing that the impact of COVID left students with
even larger gaps in reading levels, the Literacy Together team
decided to find a way to step up.


Gabby was symbol of positivity as a graduate of the 2020-2021 FBI Explorer class. She always had a smile on her face and asked thoughtful questions during the weekly educational presentations. She planned to return to the program, but midway through the school year her father passed away. He played a strong role in her upbringing and inspired her to initially pursue a career with the FBI. More misfortune came when Gabby suffered from a rare condition that resulted in her need for a wheelchair.

SVA Alumni Stories: Sasha Georgiades

In 2011, at just 22 years old, Oklahoma native Sasha Georgiades found herself in Great Lakes, Illinois beginning her journey to becoming a U.S. Sailor. During her time on active duty, Sasha was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with DDG 122 on the USS Michael Murphy. In service, she obtained the title of Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, was awarded a Letter of Accommodation, was on crew for the maiden voyage of her ship and the list goes on.

Your support matters!

Our cause is education, and during these unprecedented times, our mission to engage, educate, and employ New Mexico students in STEM has never been more important. As the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the digital divide in New Mexico and deepened the opportunity gap for marginalized children, support from generous federal employees giving through the CFC has enabled our organization to meet the emerging needs of our community.

Creating Bright Futures

Did you know Nevada is one of seven states that does not have a school for the blind? In 2020, Nevada Blind Children's Foundation opened the Children's Learning Center. This is the only licensed special needs preschool in the state of Nevada. Our preschool is designed to specifically support blind and visually impaired youth. By creating early education learning opportunities, we are able to help our youngest learners. We opened the Children's Learning Center in February 2020 and quickly had to move to an online learning opportunity.

Helping Veterans Find Success

Workshops for Warriors empowers veterans to reclaim their lives and find fulfilling employment. Veterans like Craig Molina. Craig was raised in North Carolina on a Cherokee Indian Reservation with his adoptive Cherokee family. “I had a very good family,” Craig said. “Growing up on a reservation was hard. It was drug-ridden with lots of alcohol abuse. Luckily, my family wasn’t part of that.”