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Sharing U.S. Veterans' Stories: Honoring, Inspiring, Connecting and Educating

The only museum in America to honor ALL our Veterans, the National Veterans Memorial and Museum gives a voice to every man and woman who answered the call of service for our country – all military branches, during war and in peace. The Museum tells the individual stories and shared experiences of Veterans throughout history in their own voices and pays tribute to servicemen and women and their families' sacrifices. Their legacies come to life in a dynamic experience with photos, letters and personal effects, multi-media presentations, and interactive exhibits.

Rhythm and Me: The Power of an Arts Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

February 2020
Sometimes a single moment can illustrate the power of an Arts for Learning Virginia program.

That was the case at Rhythm and Me, an adaptive dance residency that connects students living with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Students from throughout Portsmouth Public Schools in Virginia are transported to a centrally-located elementary school twice a week to learn the basics of dance and movement, with a focus on key health concerns associated with ASD, including non-verbal communication.