Submitting Paper Pledges Video Transcript

Psst. Have you heard the good news?

You’re on the homestretch!

Yes – you have inspired, invited, and encouraged your colleagues to participate in the CFC.

Great work!

Now, you need to get those paper pledges submitted so we can process the gifts.  

If you are a Keyworker, you should double check the forms for accuracy as you collect them from your colleagues. Here are a few key things to look for:

1: Make sure the reporting unit information is correct, so your office or unit gets credit for this donation. 

 2: If the donation is a payroll deduction, there must be a Social Security number provided for the payroll offices to process. 

3: Check the math! The total gift and the amounts allocated to charities must match. Donors must donate all funds to charity. There can’t be any left over.

4: The authorization section must be signed. 

If you discover any problems, work with the donor to correct them.

Then, submit the corrected form to your agency or installation’s campaign manager, coordinator, or project officer.

It is their job to take all of the forms from all of the Keyworkers and send them to the Central Campaign Administrator for processing. 

This can be done using the envelopes specially provided for this purpose.

Enclose one or more completed Report Summary Forms in the envelope. Separate payroll pledges on one form from check pledges on another batch. 

Contact your local CFC office if you don’t have the envelopes or Report Forms.

Encourage donors not to delay in turning in their pledge form. Speedy delivery ensures that the CFC processes their pledge promptly.

But, there may be some stragglers in your agency or department.

It’ll be your job to follow up with them and make sure they complete their donation.

On that note, that’s all we have for you!

Thank you for everything you have done to make the CFC a success. 

Your efforts and the generosity of your colleagues will bring help and hope to those who need it.