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[Interview with Jon Lascher, Executive Director of PIH Sierra Leone. Quotes appear alongside Jon’s interview, photo of Jon on the top left of the screen.]
Being of service is a really nice idea, but not all charity is equal. Choosing Partners in Health because of our aspirational mission...our commitment is there and we’re not leaving. Emergencies will happen, but there are very few agencies that are not only staying in these places, but also committing to comprehensive strategies for rebuilding health systems. We are not community health workers, alone. We are not clinics, alone. We’re not hospitals, alone. We’re not training, alone, or technical assistance, alone. In order to tackle the injustices of health that exist in the world, you have to address all of those things. And...you know, that doesn’t mean we don’t fail...But, I’d rather work for an organization that sets their aims high, than to set our aspirations, on behalf of poor people, lower than we would for our own families. And that we are going to apply pressure on ourselves to find those resources. That is unique.
[Partners in Health logo appears, tagline Injustice has a cure.]