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(singing and music plays)
[Sightsavers logo appears over videos of homes]
Caroline Harper, Sightsavers CEO, speaking to the camera: What we want is a world where nobody goes blind from avoidable causes.
[video of students learning Tae-Kwon Do] And we also want a world where everybody
[video of woman sewing] can participate equally in society.
[video of school girls raising their hands]
[video of people waiting in a clinic] We know that
[video of various medical images rapidly appearing] three quarters of blindness can be treated or prevented.
[video of man riding motorcycle, children running after and yelling] So our eye health
[video of men talking] work focuses on two main treatments:
[video of medical equipment] cataract surgery
[video of eye exam] and prescribing glasses.
[video of medical exam] Simply and cheaply transforming lives in an instant.
[video of people dancing] [man being interviewed, English translations appear at the bottom of the screen: When I returned home I was able to recognize my son again. I can now see: you have helped me regain my sight.
[video of man dancing] [on screen translation: I feel so happy. I feel born again.]
[video of eye exam and eye surgery] Caroline Harper: In 2017 alone we helped provide 300,000 cataract operations in Africa and Asia,
[video of student wearing glasses in school, people wearing glasses] and we helped prescribe countless pairs of glasses.
[video of a blind man walking] We also treat millions of people for blinding diseases like trachoma and river blindness,
[video of boy taking medication] to protect and restore their sight.
[Sightsavers logo appears]