What is Fundacion Centro Pediatrico de Diabetes in Puerto Rico?

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Fundacion Centro Pediatrico de Diabetes

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Fundación Centro Pediátrica de Diabetes, better known as Fundación Pediátrica de Diabetes. Is a non profit organization founded in 2000 San Juan, Puerto Rico, CFC code 16126.
All services have been offered free of charged for the past 20 years to children and adolescents diagnosed with diabetes. Our support starts from the beginning at the hospital. We help patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes from infants to 21 years old. We teach and empower our patients to gain self confidence in their diabetes management, helkp our families during disasters such as Hurricane Maria and hearthquakes that ocurred in Puerto Rico in January 2020. Type 1 Diabetes is not easy, doesn't have a cure, it requires 24-7 management. The Foundation gives support and diabetes education in summer camps and workshops. We train students and school personnel on diabetes management free of charge. Diabetes doesn’t have a cure, education and support are essential. Fundación Centro Pediátrica de Diabetes is the only pediatric diabetes foundation in Puerto Rico. Your support will be greatly value and appreciated.
Visit www.fundacionpediatricdiabetes.org to learn more.
CFC Code 16126