What Cornerstone Schools is All About

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Cornerstone Schools of Washington, D.C., Inc.

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Still photo of students in a classroom with text: Cornerstone Schools of Washington, D.C., Inc. CFC# 90352
Student shakes hand with the Principal in the hallway. Principal voice over begins, "What I'm most proud of is that we're not just educating students..."
Fades to interview with Principal and Executive Director, Mr. Max, in his office. Text on screen: Derrick Max, Executive Director, Cornerstone Schools, Ed Newsweek
"...as far as getting information and learning formulas and learning dates in history."
Fades to Mr. Max walking through the cafeteria.
Voice over: "We're educating for virtue for a lifetime."
Fades to Mr. Max talking with students in the cafeteria.
voice over: "Almost every student that graduates from here if not every student here gets into college."
Fades back to interview with Mr. Max.
"The vast majority go to college - four year schools."
Fade to footage of the Cornerstone sign in front of the building.
Reporter voice over: "They attribute their success to their emphasis on family values..."
Fade to teacher reading a book to students sitting on a carpet.
reporter voice over continues, "...smaller class sizes and amazing teachers."
Fade back to interview with Mr. Max.
Mr. Max says, "If students are struggling academically, the teachers will work their lunch period, before school, after school. They'll do whatever it takes to help kids get caught up."
Fade to young man speaking to an older teacher in the school office.
Reporter voice over continues, "Maritza White's son, Michael, attended Cornerstone through a D.C. scholarship program."
Fade to interview with young man's mother, Maritza White.
Maritza says, "I feel very blessed to have received this opportunity."
Fade to interview with the young man. Text on screen: Michael White, former student
Michael says, "Having a place that...
Fade to footage of police cars and police tape down the street from the school.
Michael's voice over continues, "...seems bad..."
Fade to footage of students playing a game with a ball in the cafeteria.
Michael's voice over continues, "...can really change the entire place around."
Fades back to still photo of students in a classroom with text: Cornerstone Schools of Washington, D.C., Inc. CFC# 90352