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Transcript for Healing Warriors CFC-2020 Video Submission

Frame 1
(Music plays, illustrators hand draws flag background with blank dog tag. Illustrator writes the words ‘We Are The’, erases the blank dog tag and draws the Healing Warriors logo dog tag to fill the space)
(Narrator-female voice)“We are the Healing Warriors Program” [frame exits sliding left]
Frame 2
(Music continues, Whiteboard background, Illustrator hand draws the following:)
[Did You Know……..
-there are about 61,000 post 9/11 Veterans in the Rocky Mountain Region?
-Colorado has over 413k Veterans?
-on average, 20 Service Members a day take their own lives?
-that Colorado has one of the highest Veteran suicide rates in the country?]
(Narrator-female) “Did you know that almost 10% of Colorado’s population are Veterans and that Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the country?” [frame exits sliding left]
Frame 3
(Music continues, Whiteboard background, Illustrator hand draws sketch of soldier with head down on lower left side of frame, pans to upper right side of frame and illustrates the following paragraph..)
[These are the Leading Factors Responsible for Nearly 200 Colorado Veteran Suicides per Year.]
[Red lettering pops into frame above soldiers head starting midlevel to soldiers ear on left and radiating over head, ending on right side of soldier at ear level: PTSD, Interpersonal Trauma, Sleep Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury, Pain]
Tombstone sketch fades in underneath paragraph above.
(Narrator-female begins to speak as soldier is being sketched) “Too often our troops leave active duty service and are expected to immediately reintegrate into civilian life without regard to the impact of repetitive deployments, trauma and pain” [frame exits sliding left]
Frame 4
(Music continues, Whiteboard background, graphic of two female hands holding a linked chain, with center link broken, Healing Warriors logo directly below broken link. Hands are positioned in an arc formation towards the top of the frame. Illustrator draws the words [WE CAN BREAK THE CHAIN TO SUICIDE]
(Illustrator hand begins to write below female hands, in red letters
[*Non-Narcotic Sleep Series
*Non-Narcotic PTS Series
*Non-Narcotic Interpersonal Trauma Series
(changes to black lettering and illustrator writes: [Over 19k and counting, NO cost and Low cost treatments provided.]
(Narrator-female begins to speak as first words on frame are being illustrated) “We exist to interrupt the factors that lead to Service Member suicides.” [frame exits sliding left]
Frame 5
(Music continues, Whiteboard background zooms in as illustrator begins to write [Non-Narcotic Treatments for] in center of screen, as frame pans out to reveal 7 images surrounding word block.
Image One Top Row left: Hispanic male, 20’s, Soldier sitting on ground facing right, with combat gear on ground behind him, dark background, the word PTSD over image in red letters.
Image Two Top Row 2nd: African American female, 30’s, clutching pillow, her left hand to her forehead, painful expression, the word Trauma over image in red letters.
Image Three Top Row last: African American couple, 50’s, sitting on couch, female on left looks at male to the right with concern, her left hand on his right shoulder. Male has both hands clasped under his chin, vacant stare, the words Traumatic Brain Injury over image in red letters.
Image Four Bottom Row Left: Male, 40’s, lying on back in bed, both hands up to each side of his forehead, the words Sleep Disorders under image in red letters.
Image Five Bottom Row 2nd: Uniformed Caucasian Male Soldier, 30’s, outdoors, facing camera, eyes closed tightly, pinched expression, the word Anxiety under image in red letters.
Image Six Bottom Row 3rd: Elderly Caucasian male, 70’s, seated on clinic bed, leaning to his right, left hand on lower back, painful expression. Female clinical worker, 30’s, holding charts in hands, looking at gentleman, the word PAIN under image in red letters.
Image Seven Bottom Row last: Elderly African American male, 60’s, seated on bed, grasping ankle with one hand, removing slipper with other, pained expression. The word NEUROPATHY under image in red letters.
(no additional narration for this frame) [frame exits sliding left]
Frame 6
(Music continues, black background, illustrator writes:
[Our Veterans Made Your Freedom Their Responsibility….
Make Their Healing Yours.
Donate Now
(Narrator-female begins to speak as first words on frame are being illustrated) “We Can’t Do It Without You. Donate Now!”
[Still frame and music fades off to end]