Thrive Alabama Show Some Love

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AIDS Action Coalition DBA Thrive Alabama

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Transcript: Thrive Alabama Show Some Love
Woman 1: I love my doctor. My doctor, he takes his time. He’s like no other doctor I have ever had before because, I mean, he really takes time and listens to you. And then he will go down every avenue of what, you know, of what treatments or whatever and I’m not changing him for the world even if I get insurance, I’ll still be coming here.
Woman 2: I started thinking about a good pediatrician for her and it had to be someone particular who I know would be good with her. I think as a parent you are really critical about who handles your child. And it’s just nice to know that the doctor she has now is really, really good with her. I see us staying here, because I want someone she can grow with. Someone that will be there and that’ll know her.