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The video is a testimonial from one of our students, Gillian, talking to the camera.
Gillian's testimony allows us to tell you: Thank you for your support!
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Hello. My name is Gillian Villarroel and I'm an incoming freshman to the George Washington University. I did ELP 1 the spring of my Junior year, and ELP 2 my Senior year. As a first-generation student, the services offered by Edu-Futuro are very important to me because they helped me achieve my goal of going to college. I met my mentor, Mollie, during ELP 2, and she helped me find numerous schools I was interested in applying to, as well as scholarships I could apply to, to receive more aid. I got a lot of colleges thanks to Mollie, and I'm very excited to attend George Washington in the fall. In ELP 2 the mentor sponsored a number of different workshops to get students used to the idea of transitioning from high school to college. Most of these workshops included time management skills as well as stress management skills. I encourage you all students to take the opportunities of joining these services that Edu-Futuro sponsors because they're very helpful. Y truly don't think I would've been able to get through the college process without my mentor and Edu-Futuro.