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Video showcasing the work of the Storehouse New Mexico including how funding will be used to provide food to 50,000 people in New Mexico annually, explained by Storehouse staff at the distribution location.

Video text:
The Storehouse New Mexico CFC #31222
The Storehouse is a nonprofit food pantry fighting hunger in New Mexico.
We’re the largest food pantry in the state, providing food to approximately 50,000 people per year.
Financial gifts help the Storehouse purchase foods that they can’t collect at a food drive.
Like dairy products, meats, or fresh fruits and vegetables.
Funding also helps us pay operating costs.
Like our electric bills to run our freezers.
Or fuel for our trucks so we can pick up donations.
When you give to the Storehouse New Mexico, you help feed hungry families.

Thank you!
The Storehouse New Mexico
CFC # 31222