Service Dogs: Changing Lives One Dog at a Time

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Fidos For Freedom

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Fidos means the world to me. It changes so many lives. I've been a client since 2014 and now I'm working on getting a successor dog. Before she retired, my previous service dog was able to retrieve items for me and do deep pressure therapy. These dogs learn so many skills to help their partner, including carrying items, getting ready in the morning, helping with laundry, opening doors, and hitting the elevator button. Something that used to take a partner an hour to do. Now they can do in 5 minutes with the help of their dog. And that extra time saved really adds up over the day.

In the video service dogs are shown doing the following tasks: getting under chair, picking up keys, applying deep pressure therapy, carrying soda bottle to recycle bin, opening freezer, putting laundry in washing machine, pushing handicap button to open door, pushing the elevator button, holding the bottom of jacket so man can zip it, pulling sleeve to take jacket off. At the end logo and the words Help us change lives today. The outro shows the logo with CFC and MCC numbers, social media, and contact information.