A Self Reflection

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American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA)

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A video highlighting a man's life, but from two different perspectives and circumstances if life turned out differently.
We see a man waking up from his sleep in the morning from his bed. We then see the same man as a homeless person waking up from sleep on the side of the street. Then we see him aimlessly walking in the street. Then, we return to the man that is well off walking down the hallways of his apartment followed by him sitting and reaching to grab a cup of coffee on a table.

The scene returns to him as a homeless man squatting on the ground, digging through trash, looking for food.

The scene returns to the well off version of the man stirring his cup of coffee, followed by the scene of his homeless version walking down the street begging someone for assistance. Then suddenly the homeless man stops, and looks through a window, and notices a man that looks just like him drinking coffee...They both look at each other, homeless man shakes his head and walks away, well off version looks down then looks into the camera...

Caption appears:
0:44 --> 0:46 "Poverty is closer than it seems"

0:47 --> 0:50 "ARAHA 20 Years in the Horn." "Delivering essentials, developing opportunities" "www.araha.org | @araharelief"