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Judith Dittman, CEO
"First of all, I want to tell you that I hope you, and your family, and those that you care about are well and are staying safe. Because these are unprecedented times. The people, the families, the youth that we work with don't have enough food in normal times, and these times are anything but normal. Many of them have lost their jobs. They didn't have the ability to stockpile food before this started because they live in tiny apartments or a single room, and they didn't have the funds. So we're there for them. We're dropping off food, we're dropping off supplies, and we're increasing our rent payments. All of these initiatives, of course, take dollars. The funding that we need, though, thanks to you, is coming in. We'll be able to get through this together. To make a donation visit or use our CFC number: 41814. Thank you!"