A Second Chance for Flower

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Free to Live Animal Sanctuary

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Caption 1.: Pictured is Flower, a young black dog with severe mange on her back.
Subtitle 1.: Flower was found starving in the country.

Caption 2.: Video footage of Flower behind chain link wagging her tail and interacting with staff.
Subtitle2a. It took months for her body to heal from the trauma of being left to survive on her own.
Subtitle 2b.: She was like so many of the dogs and cats who find their way to Free to Live.
Subtitle 2c.: She needed time and space to heal and trust again.

Caption 3.: Video footage of Flower interacting with staff in the play area.
Subtitle 3.: Even with her body fully recovered, she was still unsure of the world.
Subtitle 3a.: She had to relearn that humans can be kind.

Caption 4.: Pictured is Flower hugging a staff member.
Subtitle 4.: She finally began to trust again.

Caption 5.: Pictured is Flower with her new mom and dad smiling at her.
Subtitle 5.: And found a second chance at life.

Caption 6.: Pictured is the Free to Live Logo
Subtitle 6.: Help us give dogs and cats like, Flower, a fighting chance. Freetoliveok.org CFC #57388