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Working Dogs For Vets

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Switch on, Leave it, Good boy! “If you just talk to the veterans I think they explain better” Working Dogs For Vets Founder Kenneth Knabenshue. My name is Richard Smith, Pam Douglas, and Lonn Cunningham. “This is my dog, Eli, when I drop stuff he picks it up for me.” Says Richard Smith with his Service Dog Eli. “I depend on her because I can't hear.” Pam Douglas with Service Dog Anna. “He can open doors,” says Lonn Cunningham with his Service dog Hank. “He helps me with my balance.” Richard “Shell hear the alarm clock and lick me on the cheek to wake me up” Pam “This place is incredible,” says Lonn “They brought me to a place in my life that I never knew could have existed,” says Richard. “It connects you to a dog that can get you back out into the world and other people so that you are not so isolated anymore” Veteran Pam Douglas. “If we're going to help more veterans the public is going to have to get involved,” Says Kenneth Knabenshue “$5 $10 whatever you can afford to save a veteran to save a dog,” Says Veteran Lonn Cunningham “We’ll take your dollar and turn it into three It’s literally that simple,” Says Kenneth “This place is a GodSend” Lonn “I love these guys,” Pam “Thank you Working Dogs For Vets” Richard.