San Diego Humane Society Overview

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San Diego Humane Society

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Intro: Two people seated. Small white dog on leash being pet by seated people. Staff holding leash. Staff says: "Hi sweetie. How grateful". Music starts. Text: San Diego Humane Society will care for more than 40,000 animals in need this year. Hamster running on wheel. Cat playing with toy. Pig playing with ball on grass. Dog upside down on grass. Neonate wildlife being hand-fed from bottle. Neonate puppy in hands. Text: We'll provide homeless pets with shelter, medical care and love... Medical staff in vet hospital. Medical staff examining cat. Dog playing in water, staff petting. Text: and give injured and orphaned wildlife a second chance. Staff playing with bird. Sign text: Raptors. Neonate birds being hand fed. Neonate squirrel in hand. Text: Our Humane Officers will rescue animals from cruelty and neglect. San Diego Humane Society officer badge. Humane officers examining large white dog. Humane officer kneeling with large white dog in harness. Text: We'll provide resources to help people in need keep their beloved pet. Volunteer grabbing pet food. Person looking at items, holding small white dog. Text: Together, we'll create a more humane San Diego. Outro: San Diego Humane Society Logo. Text: For more information about us: CFC# 17600.