Responding to Hurricanes

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International Relief Teams

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[News Anchor Logan Byrnes for KUSI News addresses camera.]
News Anchor: A group of local relief volunteers are back home tonight after a week
of rebuilding homes in Louisiana.
[People retrieving luggage from an airport carousel wearing matching sweatshirts.]
News Anchor: There they are. International Relief Teams sending 16 volunteers, 10 from San Diego, to Lake Charles.
[Close up of International Relief Teams logo on sweatshirts.]
News Anchor: They repaired homes for victims devastated by Hurricane Harvey.
[Volunteers leaving airport with their luggage.]
The organisation helps uninsured, the elderly, and low-income families move back into their homes.
[Interview with Christopher Read, Board Member of International Relief Teams, background is baggage carousels at the airport.]
Chistopher: We worked on three different homes. These are homes that got flooded by Hurricane Harvey, and we do flooring, drywall, cabinets and get these people back in their homes. They been out of their homes for about a year since the hurricane.
And we get as much done as we can in a week and then we go back in 2 months and, either, sometimes we continue on the same house if it's not all the way done, or they give us other houses to work on.