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You know the rainforest is in trouble.
You've seen the headlines on climate change, you hear about all those species going extinct and you've seen all those photographs of burning trees. And every time you see this stuff, you think to yourself: I should probably donate something, somewhere, to help stop this. But remembering to donate is hard and knowing where to donate is even harder. Believe me, we get it. That's why Rainforest Trust is taking the guesswork out of protecting our planet. ($15 - dollars in the background slide) By signing up to be a Conservation Hero, (Conservation calendar in backdrop) you'll donate any amount you want monthly - automatically. This donation supports Rainforest Trust's proven and direct conservation approach, saving some of the world's most biodiverse and endangered landscapes from deforestation. Saving the planet is difficult but remembering to do it doesn't have to be. Become a Conservation Hero today. Your $15. monthly donation saves 90 acres of habitat every year. (90 acres in backdrop) Visit RainforestTrust.org to find out more.
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