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Friends of the Children - Portland

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Friends of the Children is a non-profit organization that’s been breaking the cycle of generational poverty, one child at a time. We know that any child in any situation can succeed – even those facing the most obstacles.
To that end, we provide a salaried, professional mentor, called a “Friend”, for each child, who works with them from kindergarten to graduation - twelve and half years, no matter what.
These mentors work with each child every week on 9 Core Assets of personal strength - like Growth Mindset, Problem Solving, and Self-Management – all of which they will need to overcome the many obstacles in their path.
Each dollar invested in a child returns $7 to the community.
Children in our program become leaders in their community and successful in their careers.
Friends of the Children is growing rapidly as communities across the country are experiencing the power of how one changes a child’s story.
Become a part of this story today. Visit to donate.
Video description:
Illustration of one child facing down a dark mountain. Illustrated adult helps child climb mountain with stepping blocks. Other illustrated characters break down mountain bit by bit.
Illustration of boxes that are labeled with Core Assets (Mindset, Problem Solving, and Self-Management).
Illustration of 1 white dollar bill turning into 7 blue dollar bills.
End with Friends of the Children – Portland logo.