Open Your Heart - Brand Video with Subtitles

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Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless

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[00:01] Jessica Mathias: At Open Your Heart, we provide funding to emergency shelters, food shelves, and outreach programs throughout the state of Minnesota. Our niche really is ensuring that basic needs are met. We have relationships and keep a conversation with all of the agencies that we support.
[00:16] Tamara: Open Your Heart has been such a huge supporter of Our Saviour's. Open Your Heart provided a brand new double-door fridge and freezer to us. And that was my favorite thing.
[00:26] Essie: Open Your Hearts has been very generous to us. It allows us to purchase sleeping bags in bulk and tents in bulk. These can make a real difference to our clients who are not in shelter.
[00:37] Jessica: We provide funding to the organizations through our grant making process. Organizations are able to visit our website and then easily apply every quarter throughout the year. We really focus on fundraising for agencies that don't have the resources to fundraise on their own behalf, and that's only made possible from supporters throughout the community.