None of Us Are Home Until All of Us Are Home

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Project HOME

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[Light, upbeat background music]

[Voiceover] For over 30 years, when there has been a crisis, we have run toward it.

[Images: Co-Founder Sister Mary Scullion holding an “Affordable Housing for All” sign alongside a man holding a “Homes Not Bombs” sign in 1988, community members holding a large Homes Not Bombs banner, Co-Founders Sister Mary Scullion and Joan Dawson McConnon walking with Project HOME staff, Project HOME residents marching among a crowd in the street with a Project HOME banner]

[Voiceover] Our fundamental belief in the dignity of every person and the hope in the potential of every life is at the root of everything we do.

[Images: A community member stands at a podium in front of an attentive crowd, a Project HOME resident speaks at a podium flanked by local elected officials and in front of residents and community members with signs the read “Fight Poverty, Not The Poor” and “Governor Wolf! Support General Assistance” among others, a smiling man, two smiling women, a younger man and an older man shaking hands, a group of smiling children, a resident and her daughter hugging at a podium after speaking at the gala, two smiling women – one shirt says “Love Opens Doors”]

[Voiceover] We have built a community that YOU are part of.

[Images: Two community members hold vigil candles at an outdoor event, a police officer smiles with a group of children, three blindfolded protesters hold signs “None of Us Are Home Until All of Us Are Home” and “Open Your Eyes”]

[Voiceover] We fought the good fight. You told us not to quit.

[Images: Co-Founder Sister Mary Scullion speaks at a podium with an ASL interpreter in front of blindfolded protesters with signs, Co-Founder Joan Dawson McConnon speaks at a podium with Sister Mary at her side, two staff members wear masks and give thumbs up]

[Voiceover] COVID has been a different fight. And that’s why you’re here with us tonight, answering the call with us.

[Images: Three smiling staff members – two bumping elbows, a staff member in gloves giving double thumbs up, a staff member at her desk in gloves and a mask giving double thumbs up, two staff members in full medical personal protective equipment in front of City Hall]

[Voiceover] We’re so grateful you’re here, and we’re not surprised. You’re the will that’s pressing us on and moving us in the only direction we’ve ever known, in the only way we know how: Forward. Together.

[Images: Two smiling young men, man dancing/celebrating, two people holding signs “None of Us Are Home” “Until All of Us Are Home”]

[Voiceover] We are sisters, we are brothers, we are family. We’re in this together and we’ll get through this together.

[Images: Two people hugging, two people shaking hands, choir members singing and clapping]

[Image: White text on black background – Project HOME: Housing, Opportunities, Medical, Education]

[Image: White text on black background – NONE OF US ARE HOME UNTIL ALL OF US ARE HOME®]