No more shame, Gilber overcomes barriers

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Medical Care for Guatemalan Children(Partner for Surgery)

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Ernesto and Maria's son, Gilber, was born with cleft lip. Gilber was constantly ridiculed and bullied for his appearance so his parents hid him for 8 years, and he could not go to school. when Gilber´s cousin, Kimberly, was born with a cleft lip and palate, she was enrolled in Medical Care for Guatemalan Children, Partner for Surgery (PFS)'s Program. Pfs arranged to have Kimberly’s lip repaired by a team from Philadelphia. With such amazing results for Kimberly, Gilber's family knew they could trust Partner for Surgery. and with help from our health promoter, Gilber received surgery two weeks later. Now, Gilber is home healing nicely, and is enrolled in school. HE doesn't have to hide inside anymore.
With your Donation, you will: Improve health, empower communities, and overcome barriers