Navy Veteran Gets A Fresh Start

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Navy veteran Marilyn Morales describes her struggles in civilian life. After service she left home with nothing, but through hard work earned her nail care license. Unfortunately she had no tools to start her new career. HonorBound stepped in and provided Marilyn with all the tools she needed to start her business. Now she's providing for herself and has found stability and peace.
Navy veteran interviewed about assistance from HonorBound Foundation.
Video audio transcript: "My name is Marilyn Morales Reyes. It's scary, but I'd do it any day of the week and twice on Sundays for the United States of America."
"There have been a lot of times where I felt that I wouldn't be able to adapt."
"They pretty much got me out of a bind because I was ready to work but had no tools, so HonorBound did me a great service."
"I've started providing for myself as of this month."
"They allowed me to purchase what I needed, not what was convenient."
"HonorBound helps people get back on their feet and puts them to work."
Text on end screen: HonorBound is on track to assist 22,000 veterans by 2020.