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Morris Animal Refuge

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Intro: Photos with Voice Over (Photo of Elizabeth Morris, Photo of old shelter, photo of new shelter,photos of animals to finish out voiceover)
In 1874, Elizabeth Morris began rescuing animals in the Philadelphia area, securing her spot as a pioneer in Animal Welfare. Over 145 years later, the folks at Morris Animal Refuge are still working hard to continue her legacy.

Transition music with pictures of animals

Person in the video is Grace Erikson, Community Engagment Coordinator
Dog’s name is Bella
-Being a small shelter may impose some limitations on the number of animals we can support at one time, but it allows us more time to learn about each animal so we can match them with the forever home that best suits their needs.
-This is Bella. Bella has been at the shelter for a couple of weeks and has become a staff favorite. At first glance you see a senior dog with a number of health issues but after spending time with her we have learned that she loves to cuddle, has high energy for a senior gal, and does well with other animals. Each of these factors will help us help her find her perfect forever home.

Closing: Photos/Videos with voiceover
With each new animal is a new opportunity to provide personalized, lifesaving care that can change an animal’s life forever.