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This video is everything you need to know about our organization. How we are run, and how we manage to save many lives every year. Since our beginning 13 year ago, we have been saving dogs from abandonment and the threat of euthanasia, rehabilitating them and adopting them out to loving families. All the images and short clips are of dogs who lived in our facility and have since found happy forever homes. We hope you will consider contributing to our cause.


We are a no-kill facility saving dogs from the threat of euthanasia. Donor subsidized volunteer led nonprofit organization. Serving Miami-Dade County,for over 11 years. Our average annual rate of adoption is over 350 dogs.

We provide needed medical care, and safe retreat for our animals. With our end goal to adopt them info safe and loving homes. PAWS4you does not receive funding from the government. So we need your generous donations to further our mission in animal rescue.