Mary Makkazi Farming for the Future

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Opportunity International

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[video of a woman, Mary Makkazi, walking with her son] [on screen text: Mary Makkazi is a single mother with five children in Uganda.]
[video of Mary walking in the field] [on screen text: Everyday she works her maize farm so she can pay for her children to attend school.]
[video of women working the farm] [on screen text: With a loan from Opportunity, Mary was able to buy better seeds and fertilizer.]
[video of produce] [on screen text: She also received tools and training that helper her improve her harvest.]
[video of Mary in front of her house] [on screen text: Mary now produces so much maize that she has been able to build a house for her family.]
[video of Mary talking with other women] [on screen text: She also hired someone to help her tend the land, thus creating a job in her community.]
[video of Mary shucking corn] [on screen text: Opportunity can change everything.]
[video of children playing] [on screen text: A donation from you today can help transform another family’s life, just like Mary’s.]
[video of Mary giving the thumbs up] [on screen text: Give now at]
[Opportunity International logo appears]