Living with Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer Foundation of America

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Lung cancer patients talk about living with lung cancer. Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in the United States every year and it kills more women annually than breast cancer - and has since 1987. There is still a stigma that smoking causes lung cancer, which isn't true - everyone with lungs can get lung cancer. Lung cancer research is severely underfunded, but the advances in research have made it possible to live with lung cancer as a chronic disease.

Brandi Bryant (00:00):
Like, I've been in health communication and I, and I'm a contractor at the CDC and I had no clue none that non-smokers could get lung cancer. I was like, I had breast cancer on my radar.
Dr. Sydney Barned (00:14):
You know, it's not only about teaching the public about the fact that anyone with lungs can get lung cancer, but it's also reminding and even teaching my community as well, that hey, you're in primary care. If someone comes to you with a lot of, you know, these symptoms, don't brush it off just because they're young or a nonsmoker.
Terri Conneran (00:38):
Having learned that lung cancer is so underfunded, I mean, it's an atrocity. I mean, it's like we've just had just enough of a taste, like with biomarker testing and research and seeing targeted therapies, it's like the taste is almost a tease because then it means we need so much more.
Frank McKenna (00:53):
I said, um, you know, I'm gonna beat this. I said, we're gonna make history, so come along for the ride.