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The Little Light House video 2020 TRANSCRIPT
CFC #75371

The Little Light House is a Christian developmental center serving children age birth to 6 on a
tuition free basis. (Jean Winfrey, Executive Director)

We know that early intervention is the key to really developing these children
to their maximum potential.

When I see the kids walk in every single day to their classrooms I see so much joy on their faces. (Development Assistant, Nicole Fields) So excited to come and to learn and to grow.

They feel the love, they are smiled at they’re embraced. They’re hugged on. They go home with
their tanks full. (Denice Wright)

On October 3, 1972, the Little Light House opened it’s doors.

Since its inception, the Little Light House has served hundreds of families of children with special needs.

The Little Light House is God’s work in the twentieth century showing his love, his provision.
When I watch the love that is poured into these children from the staff, and from the volunteers,
I’m amazed how God brings people here to the Little Light House. (Keith Winfrey)

This is the safe haven for these children and when you come here. There’s just acceptance and
love. (Molly Willis, Associate Teacher)