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KID Combined Federal Campaign Video Transcript
Fade in. Joyful, inspiring music plays in the background. Upper left-hand corner displays Kids in Danger logo, upper right-hand corner shows the CFC number four-two-zero-eight-zero. “Olivia loves pool time,” we see a baby in the arms of their father inside a pool, the father is kissing the baby, and they are smiling as droplets of water drip down their faces. Fade. “Emma wants to be a climber,” two kids aged 4-5 years are working their way up a climbing board, searching for the next hold with agile legs. Fade. “Liam wants to be a basketball player,” two kids in wheelchairs aged 7-9 years are listening attentively to an instructor who is also in a wheelchair. The instructor bounces a basketball and the girl on the left catches it mid-air, a smile lights up her face. Fade. “They can be exactly who they want,” we see the back of an astronaut walking in their spacesuit, they are exploring a mountainous area in a mild sandstorm. “And we are working backstage to help them get there,” image shows a young woman working from home, sitting behind her laptop, wearing a headset, and nodding enthusiastically. Fade. “Who is Kids In Danger?” an invisible white chalk draws the outline of an interrogation sign, and quickly fills it in. Fade. Beat of the music intensifies. “We are a non-profit organization,” a person extends both of their hands towards the viewer and reveals a red paper heart. Fade. “That is dedicated to protecting children by fighting for product safety,” we see an adult adjusting the straps on a girl’s hand protection, she is wearing pink safety gear including a helmet and elbow protection. Fade. “Through safer product development,” a curious child is listening attentively while an adult points to a technological artifact. Fade. “Better education,” the image shows an outdoors gathering, people surrounding a table topped by donations, food and the Kids In Danger logo. Fade. “Child safety webinars during COVID-19,” we see four adult speakers in a live zoom meeting. Upper left-hand corner reads David Zivan-KID Board Member, right-hand reads Nancy Cowles-Executive Director KID, lower left-hand reads Rachel Peachman-Consumer Reports, right-hand reads Stephanie Zimmermann-Chicago Sun Times. Fade. “And strong advocacy for children,” we see Nancy Cowles, executive director of KID, standing behind a podium with the seal of the state of Illinois. She is joined by two elegantly-dressed adult women, and a poster with KID’s logo and information. Behind them, we see the flags of the United States of America and the state of Illinois. Fade. A yellow background shows Kids in Danger’s logo, the K-I-D initials with a walking child pictured inside the D, along with the phrase “Fighting for Product Safety,” the screen reads “Thank you for your previous CFC contributions. Learn more about us at” Fade out. Music fades out.