It’s Time To Hold Energy Companies Accountable

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National Wildlife Federation

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0:00 there are over 2 million orphaned oil
0:02 and gas wells across the country leaking
0:05 toxic chemicals into our water and air
0:08 these wells were left by energy
0:09 companies leaving no one responsible for
0:12 cleaning up the mess
0:13 threatening wildlife, nearby communities,
0:16 and all who recreate on our lands and
0:18 waters the bipartisan infrastructure law
0:21 invested 4.7 billion dollars to put
0:24 people to work cleaning up wells and
0:26 stopping methane gas a super pollutant
0:29 80 times more powerful than carbon
0:30 dioxide from seeping into our air and
0:33 worsening the climate crisis but that's
0:35 not enough
0:36 we must also fix the system that allowed
0:38 this to happen it's time for congress
0:41 and the Biden administration to raise
0:43 federal bonding rates to hold energy
0:45 companies accountable don't miss this
0:47 historic opportunity to protect the
0:49 health of our wildlife, public lands, and
0:52 way of life there is so much at stake
0:55 reform oil and gas leasing today paid
0:57 for by national wildlife federation