An Introduction to Heading Home by Dennis Plummer, CEO

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This video is an overview of Heading Home's work in Albuquerque, NM by Dennis Plummer, CEO of Heading Home. In the video, Dennis is seen in his office speaking to the viewers about Heading Home's work. The following is a transcript of the language that Dennis speaks during the video, which is subtitled.

"Hello, my name is Dennis Plummer, and I am the CEO for Heading Home. We are a local non-profit organization that seeks to reach out to people living on the streets, connect them to emergency housing and shelter, and then move permanently into permanent supportive housing. We do this through a number of partnerships in our community, and especially with support from you. During COVID, our work radically shifted. We went from operating two shelters to opening 5 shelters and two hotels. Heading Home envisions our city to be one in which experiences of homelessness are rare, short-lived and nonrecurring. Please consider Heading Home as your recipients of the CFC donation. Again, your contribution to Heading Home will save hundreds of lives and end generational homelessness in Albuquerque. Thank you."