The INN Between - A Safe Home for the sick Homeless Individuals

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The INN Between

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The INN Between
End-of-life Care for the Homeless
CFC ID #88565
Jim, Hospice Patient: A place to go when you're sick and have nowhere else to go and you're dying. You know its uh... I thought I'd be dying out on the streets. Just very grateful, where I am right now. Yeah, I've got a clean bed and sheets. People check on you and make sure you are ok.
Dr. Jeffrey McNally, Intermountain Hospital Medical Director: The thing I remember the most about people here, the few few people I took care of is they would all say that they all felt safe here. After being on the street so long, because most of us don't have to experience that. It's not such much about the medical care. It's more about being somewhere where you're safe. And you have people that care about you. And get you through what's about to happen.
Jim: I get the help I need.