Infant Nutrition Program at Partner for Surgery

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Partner for Surgery

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[ON SCREEN TEXT: Cleft Infant Nutrition Program Needs YOUR help!
Partner for Surgery and Asociación Compañero Para Cirugía]

[Indistinct chatter continues]

[ON SCREEN TEXT: The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted Compañero Para Cirugía and Partner for Surgery's important work.
You have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with us in the Mobile Medical Missions
and know of our kids' needs.
You have seen the reality of many of these families
when we have visited their homes.
They need us.
Donate today.
Your donation will support the purchase of formula Nan 1, Nan 2, Incaparina, soap and face masks, and the provision of needed healthcare,
which will bring immediate and long-term relief to vulnerable children living in rural, isolated communities.
Thanks for your help in supporting our patients!]