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International Rescue Committee

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(upbeat music plays)
[videos of child laughing, family smiling]
[video of family cooking] [on screen text: What is home?]
[video of two girls sitting] [on screen text: Home is where we]
[video of man cooking and eating with family] [on screen text: cook family recipes]
(man says it’s good as he eats his dish)
[video of young people scootering and taking selfies] [on screen text: make memories]
[video of runners] [on screen text: run free]
[video of woman rock climbing] [on screen text: face our fears]
[video of teacher talking to a group of women] [on screen text: empower each other]
[video of lab technician] [on screen text: build our futures]
[video of child playing with Elmo] [on screen text: find our friends]
[video of women and children singing and dancing] [on screen text: pass down traditions]
[video of family greeting a new arrival at the airport] [on screen text: feel safe together]
[video of a family standing on a front porch] [on screen text: Help us make refugees feel at home.]
[IRC logo appears, donate now]