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Description: A video about Gateway Pet Guardians efforts to bring equitable pet care to the underserved communities of East Saint Louis, Fairmont City, and Cahokia Illinois.

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At Gateway Pet Guardians we truly believe that
everyone deserves the love of an animal, and

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just because of your economic status, that shouldn't
deter you from having and receiving the love of a

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pet in your life. Oftentimes when an animal needs
to be surrendered, to the shelter it is one of the

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most heartbreaking things a family can go through.
There are many factors that contribute to families

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needing to rehome their pets. They are financial,
they are housing, they are transportation, and we

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have looked to see how we can affect those
things. In our community, access to equitable

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and affordable vet care is a real issue. We
are in the middle of a pet resource dessert,

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which means that there are no veterinarians,
there are no pet stores. We want to change that,

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with that building one of the first things that
we wanted to put into place was a public clinic.