Helping Formerly Incarcerated Women Succeed

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Friends of Guest House

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Currently, it costs up to $87,000 to incarcerate one person for a year in Virginia. And these costs continue to grow with every time a person re-enters the system.

But what if we could provide the support and resources women need, to never re-enter the system; cutting massive costs, and providing reentry support to them as they become thriving members of the community.

At Friends of Guest House, we support women from the moment they exit incarceration to when they’re ready to graduate through our programs. We are the only group in Northern Virginia providing reentry support that is both comprehensive and tailored to each woman’s unique needs. As a result, just 15% of our graduates reoffend.
We guide our clients to an independent lifestyle--free of repeat incarcerations and onerous fines, fees, and community supervision. Graduates become leaders for themselves, the community and their families.

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