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Helping Children Worldwide

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Images include a map of Sierra Leone, classroom and schoolchildren in a rural village in Sierra Leone, lab worker and patient at Mercy Hospital, graduates from the College of Medicine and Allied Health Services, gate of the Child Rescue Centre, a parent enrolled in the micro-finance program, 2 children walking to school, a Mercy Hospital doctor treating a patient, villagers gathered for medical clinic in rural village, typical Sierra Leonean hut, midwife giving prescription to a patient, a surgical procedure, and a dedication of a well in a rural village.
"Our Challenge, To save lives in one of the poorest regions on earth; In a country where 60% of adults cannot read or write. Child Rescue Centre Transforming Families. We support the education of 609 students kindergarten through college. Scholarships; 36 promise scholars graduated to become engineers, teachers, lab techs, social workers, accountants, and business leaders. 2 of the 250 doctors in Sierra Leone were CRC students. Family Supports; CRC connects families to resources through intentional case management. Teaches business skills to parents so their children can go to school instead of work. Health Care Mercy Hospital; Mercy Hospital treats 10,000 patients a year. Mercy Village Outreach; provides services to 55 villages where no medical services exist. No clean water. No public sanitation. Infant death through malnutrition is a constant threat in the villages. 1 in 5 children do not live to see their sixth birthday. Mercy Village Outreach identifies and feeds 1,400 malnourished infants and toddlers annually. Mercy Hospital's new post-operative and surgical wing opened in November 2018. Clean Water Projects; tackling the greatest barriers to sustainable futures. Poverty, Disease, Illiteracy, Hopelessness. Education, Healthcare, Hope. Blessed is the giver and the gift."