Help Solve the Cruel Mystery of Lupus

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Lupus Foundation of America, Greater Ohio Chapter, Inc.

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Video highlights the importance of patient and caregiver support and education when diagnosed with Lupus. It features a patient, Kim, sharing her experience and Suzanne Tierney, president/CEO, of the Ohio chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America, and a patient. Suzanne speaks of the importance of creating awareness and understanding what lupus is for the public and our legislators.

Video Transcript:

Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery
Lupus Foundation of America Greater Ohio Chapter

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Kim, Patient: The Individual that has lupus has to fight on a level that most people don’t understand.

Lupus Foundation of America, Suzanne Tierney
President & CEO & Patient: Lupus is different for everyone, but from the sense of medically what it is, it is the immune system going haywire.

Shot of woman holding up Walk to End Lupus tee shirt

Suzanne: Instead of the body defending itself, it’s turning on your own self.

Lupus Foundation of America,
Kim Patient and Volunteer: I was 49 years old when I got diagnosed.
One day I just swelled up.

Close up on Lupus Foundation of America, Greater Ohio Chapter
2015 Perpetual Plaque listing lupus patients who have passed away.
Lupus support group in the background.

Kim: That led me to the Lupus Foundation, because I was like, somebody has to know about this.

They gave me hope and then understanding.

Several views of lupus support group

Suzanne: As a patient myself, I love my support group.

It’s a safe place where we can come together and have empathy for each other.

Until we can get the general public and our legislators to understand what lupus is

We’re not going to have great strides and we need great strides. It’s time.

Lupus Foundation of America, Greater Ohio Chapter

NP4 CLE Nurenberg Paris,

This video is produced by Nurenberg Paris to share the impact the Lupus Foundation, Greater Ohio Chapter, is doing to support our community.