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Habitats for Dogs & Cats

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CFC transcript for HABITATS FOR DOGS AND CATS video.

Instrumental music playing throughout a slideshow of photographs with narrative captions, to thank and show donors examples of the accomplishments they have made possible.

Frame Time Photograph Text
1 0.00 Habitats for Dogs & Cats banner
2 0.03 Gray tabby cat Because of our donors, Harley can stay at home.
3 0.08 Gray tabby cat And so can his brother Sammy.
4 0.12 Brown dog on chain Free from his chain …
5 0.15 Brown dog on sofa … this guy is getting used to a loving home.
6 0.20 Building in progress Donors make resources possible to rescue dogs and cats …
7 0.24 Purple building … and care for them and keep them safe while finding adoptive homes.
8 0.28 Person holding dog's face Volunteers provide the love …
9 0.32 Person holding dog on shoulder … and the attention they have never had.
10 0.36 Gray and white kitten Oliver is one of many many babies placed in loving forever homes.
11 0.40 Brown dog and calico cat These bonded seniors are grateful to be rehomed together.
12 0.44 Gray dog and tabby cat Truffles was going to be put down just because she was old.
13 0.48 Dog with tennis ball Living the good life, Timmy thanks you all !!!
14 0.53 Habitats for Dogs & Cats banner
End 0.57