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GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer

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GO2 foundation for lung cancer logo is in the bottom rt. corner throughout the video.
Wayne Yeung Rebecca's Husband & Caregiver

GO2 Foundation just provides a lot of services for newly diagnosed patients. And when they first hear that news, it's just impossible. You can't even think, and I just remember going to the Living Room the first time, and it was such a stabilizing force, and you were able to take a deep breath and start moving along and just understanding everything that you have to do, to deal with this disease. Fabio Cracco Alayna's Husband & Caregiver Go2 Foundation is a big family, is a family where everybody hugs everybody. It is a beautiful thing. There's nobody else like GO2 Foundation (GO2 foundation for lung cancer logo in corner and backdrop) in terms of size and resource availability, and the network they have. A promise of a better tomorrow is what hope is for me."