Genesis Joy House, Helping Homeless Female Veterans

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Genesis Joy House Homeless Shelter, Inc.

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This video relays the mission of the Genesis Joy House. A transitional homeless female veterans shelter. It shows the need to help the homeless Veterans in the community by linking them with resources such as food, shelter, education and career development to support their needs. AUDIO: I’ve witnessed the homelessness, I’ve witnessed the mental issues, I’ve witnessed them being without necessities that helps you function on a daily basis. I had some money saved up, but when that money ran out, I had nowhere else to go. Um, I slept in my car, I think that was my lowest point, being homeless, not having anywhere to go. Genesis Joy House have been a prayer for me because not only did she…not let me sleep on the streets, she took me somewhere where I could stay. They’ve upped my self-esteem, so, now I am ah, a scarfie’ graduate, a certified chef. If you need help, contact Genesis and they will set you in the right direction. You can be the face of change.