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CFC Video. Ron Karp - Transcript
Ron Karp, Executive Director
Food For Thought
Sonoma County
Hi I’m Ron Karp executive director of Food For Thought. Our agency was founded over thirty years ago to serve people with HIV. And since, we have expanded our mission to serve people with a variety of different illnesses. We serve over 1,000 clients in Sonoma County and we provide medically tailored and very healthy food. Enough for a person to a person to eat for a week. The services are available weekly and they are delivered all over the county by volunteers. You can see our very nice fruits and vegetables selection. We also have healthy proteins and many other things that people need to have a healthy diet. If you want to support us, we would appreciate it and it makes it possible for us to do what we do as almost all of our donations come from individuals. Thank you very much for your consideration.