Ending homelessness - one person, one family at a time!

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- Hesed House (Public Action to Deliver Shelter, Inc., dba Hesed House) http://hesedhouse.org (Image of Hesed House)
- Hesed House is the second-largest homeless shelter in Illinois. We serve men, women, and children on-site and in the community. (Images of guests and former guests of Hesed House).
- Hesed House is one of the only shelters with a Comprehensive Resource Center on our campus. Here, our guests have access to different programs and services that help them with basic needs and help them overcome the barriers that led them to Hesed House. (image of Hesed House's Comprehensive Resource Center).
- Ryan Dowd speaks, "Hesed House is important in our community because it cares for the most vulnerable individuals, our most vulnerable neighbors. The individuals that but for Hesed House would be eating out of a dumpster or sleeping under a bridge, or - or quite honestly dying and freezing to death. And these things happen in other communities, but they don't happen in our community because of Hesed House. That's why we're important."
- Your donation will help Hesed House end homelessness - one person, one family at a time. (Image of a hand holding keys on the left, words on the right.)
- Hesed House - Because Everyone Deserves Dignity. CFC #88704 To learn more about the work of Hesed House, visit http://hesedhouse.org. (Hesed House logo against a blue background.)