Downtown Greens: Growing Community

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Downtown Greens, Inc.

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“At Downtown Greens we provide healthy food, garden-based education and a park-like urban green space to our community.”
Drone shots of the garden

“In our weekly Free Farm Stand’s inaugural season we have harvested and given away over 1,000 pounds of food from our teaching garden to our community.”
Zooming in to gardener in the Learning Garden as she picks a bean to put in the basket of harvested food she holds in her other hand. Worker shown putting tomatoes in a bag for a customer at the Free Farm Stand. Pan of the feet of many of the customers waiting in line to get food from the stand. Camera pans down the tables of food, tomatoes, hot peppers and bell peppers.

We also established a Take What You Need Community Solidarity Garden Plot for anyone to pick their own produce at any time.
Take What You Need Garden - photo montage: Signs for the garden with multiple languages; shot from above of harvest basket with tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers; young girl and her grandmother holding a vegetable that they just picked from the garden with garden in background; cherry tomatoes on the vine; picture of harvest in a hanging basket with garden in background; couple holding produce they just picked, squash and kale in a basket; woman putting in the sign for the garden plot

“We provide free-of-charge weekly garden-based education to more than 250 local youth totaling 4,044 instructional hours per year”
Chef showing a young garden education participant how to cut a bell pepper during a meal prep. Photo montage of the educational programs: Kids in a row crouching down to plant seeds in the garden; girl laughing with a flower in her hair; three boys with their arms around each other’s shoulders smiling with a big dish of food that they just prepared together for a family dinner; two girls holding mini sweet potato pies on trays with their and other families sitting at tables in the background and ready to be served dessert; preschoolers sitting in their outdoor garden space with their hands up signaling to the instructor to call on them; young girl sitting, looking up at the camera with a notebook hugged to her chest with the day’s harvest on the blanket beside her-- corn and tomatoes and peppers; chef has broccoli in hands as she shows boy color after being braised; boy writing a plant label for cherry tomatoes;

“From Sunrise to Sunset, 365 days a year we offer a beautiful park-like space for all to enjoy”
Young man is pictured in different spots in the garden, sitting, standing, reading, smelling the flowers, playing football with his father, having a picnic. Showing all of the ways that the community can enjoy the space.

President of the Board of Directors says "Thank you for your investment in Downtown Greens" and behind him a dozen staff, board members and friends of the garden pop out from behind the Downtown Greens sign to say together: "We couldn't grow without you!"

Informational slide: Downtown Greens logo, Growing Healthy Kids and Community CFC # 73255